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Hello, my name is Brent Richard,

A little about myself... I'm 38 years old, and I live in Dorset. I've been working at home and making a living at it since 2007. I've been able to earn a great income while enjoying being in the comfort of my own home. I'm saving money on petrol and I certainly don't miss sitting in traffic. As I now write my own pay cheques, I don't have to worry about my job security anymore. Best of all, I can now spend more time than ever with my two daughters.

4 years ago after I got made redundant, I was also searching for work at home opportunities on the internet. I was absolutely shocked at the number of scams out there that required huge fees upfront and provided outdated information with weak customer service (if any).

I spent nearly 3 months trying almost every work at home opportunity on the entire internet. From data entry to processing rebates to simply typing at home and everything in between. I was scammed by all kinds of "work at home programs" and I lost a lot of money. I was in the position where I had to create a fast income – I had no other choice. Even though I thought that most of these programs were probably scams, I tried them anyway because I knew that if just one of them worked for me, that's all it would take to put an end to my financial difficulties.

The general rule I have found about work at home programs is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. We've all seen the ads that promise you will make millions online without doing any work. These types of ads fool consumers by making big promises that don't deliver. Think about it twice before sending your hard earned money to these crooks.

Of all the opportunities that I tried, most were complete scams that just took my money. However, I did find two work at home programs that actually work. I'll give you an honest review about the 2 programs that work. If you're looking at any other program besides these two, you are most likely wasting your time. After trying so many, these are the only two that worked for me.

Don't Get Scammed and Good Luck!
~Brent Richard

Below is an overview of the 2 legitimate programs I have found.

our top rated
  • Rating:   
Score: 98%


  • Very easy to use
  • Direct 1 on 1 Support
  • Very Detailed Tutorial
  • Updated Frequently
  • Money Back Gurantee
Paid Surveys & More

Out of all the work at home websites that I have reviewed, this one is definitely the best. The program was very easy to join. I got access to the member material and was given my first assignment by the next day. After I filled out a few surveys, I submitted my paperwork and received my first direct deposit within a couple of days.

The reason why Paid Surveys & More works so well is because they offer great resources and support while giving you access to a huge list of assignments including paid surveys, product evaluations, and focus groups. The membership includes everything from the surveys to the email templates you will use to complete the work and submit for payment.

Now, they say you will make about 2,130+ a month but based on my experience it is more like 1,520 possible for an average person working part time from home. Once you're signed up, you can start working almost immediately. They also list premium assignments you need to use the provided email templates and request them based on your location, gender, interests, etc...

They also provide you with one on one assistance from the owner and their dedicated support team. They do everything in their power to help you get started making money as soon as possible. This extra help is a resource you will very rarely get with any other work at home program.

The price of the membership for this program is low for what you get. They are currently offering 50% off to new members. That makes it cheaper to get started. The regular price is 69 but, if you use this code: get50off you can join for 34.

Of all the work at home companies I have seen this month, this is by far the best.

2nd best  program
  • Rating:   
Score: 86%


  • Easy to get started
  • Step By Step System
  • Fast Payout
  • No Experience Required
  • Education Section
Instant Income Access

Of all the Work at Home Websites that I reviewed, this is the second best. This program was easy to get started with. All I had to do was sign up and wait for my starter kit. Once I got it, I did take the time to read the materials and watch the detailed videos. I saw my first revenue using their system within a few days. Payment came fast, too, via a direct deposit.

I really liked the Instant Income Access because it wasn't hard to get started, only required a minimal investment and proved to be quite profitable.

The job is simple and straightforward using the powerful software provided with the kit. They have discovered unique strategies to make money online from home using their software with companies like Amazon, eBay, Twitter, Facebook and all major search engines without selling, buying or shipping products. Their step-by-step system is really simple. If you can send email, you can use this software to make money from home.

Getting started with the Instant Income Access costs $49.95 (around 35). This includes all the videos, step by step tutorials, training material and software tools. They also provide you with a personal success coach that you can call if you need help at no additional costs.

The program claims users can make about 800+ a day. I didn't find this, but was still pleasantly surprised with 250-a-day average to start. It took about two weeks before I was seeing 510 days, which isn't all that bad considering how little work is actually involved.


Be very careful with work at home programs as most of them sell outdated information, have hidden charges or make false promises. Stick to the ones I posted for you on this website and you can't go wrong.

I have tried many other work at home programs, and none of them were close to be as good as "Paid Surveys & More" and "Instant Income Access". If you're here because you were considering joining any other work at home company then you have been warned. There is a huge chance that it's a scam, and that you will have a negative experience with that program.

P.S. I hope my experiences in reviewing work at home scams helps, so you don't have to go through losing your money and can work from home making real money. Good Luck - Brent Richard,



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